Location of filler injections for cheek enhancement

Cheek Enhancement

Cheek Fillers Gold Coast ~ Cheekbone Enhancement & Contouring with Dermal Injections

Cheeks! Who doesn’t love a gorgeous tastefully enhanced and contoured cheek?

The cheeks are the main stage of our face. As we age we lose the fat in our cheeks and they start to flatten and hollow – nooooo!


The reasons we treat cheeks:

to replace the lost volume (our face fat disappears) which happens through the natural aging process.

to augment naturally flat cheeks.

to enhance the cheek contour for beautification and aesthetic reasons.

Adding volume to the cheek area is usually the first place an injector will start when the goal is to freshen ones appearance and reduce that ‘tired’ look.

Location of filler injections for cheek enhancement

Who is the treatment suitable for?

All ages.

For the girls in their 20s and 30s it’s often about improving facial contour and shape or augmenting and enhancing naturally flat cheeks. This means more a flattering profile and often less makeup is required to contour the cheekbone.

For the 40 – 60+ ladies it’s about replacing lost volume and reducing the tired look.

Cheek treatments can be done very naturally and subtly so no-one will know you have had anything done, or if you’re after a more obvious look this just means adding more filler over several treatments.


What product do you use?

Cheek volumizing and enhancing at Injectable Effects is done with long lasting dermal fillers.

These are natural based fillers that break down naturally in the body over time.

The filler is a gel which attracts and binds water.

Fillers are not permanent – which is a good thing. They are biodegradable.


How long does the procedure take?

Cheeks filler treatments usually take between 45-60 mins depending on whether you have had the treatment before and how much filler you are wanting on the day.


Do cheekbone fillers hurt?

I have done a LOT of cheek treatments and most people find the procedure quite comfortable. There may be slight discomfort when the local anaesthetic is injected, but other than that most clients say it just feels a little ‘weird’ the first time.

All our fillers contain local anaesthetic making treatments more comfortable.


Is there any downtime after cheek plumping injections?

Following your cheek treatment you may or may not have slight bruising. You will also experience some mild swelling that really only you will notice and lasts about 48-72 hours.

Natural mineral makeup powder can be applied on the day of treatment.

If it is your first treatment it is best to come after work or on your days off as usually clients are nervous and don’t really know what to expect!

No vigorous exercise is permitted for 24-48 hours after treatment.

No beauty treatments on the face, skin peels, or microdermabrasion treatments are to be done for 2-4 weeks post cheek filler.

Your after care will be given to you at the time of treatment.


How long do cheek dermal fillers last?

The dermal filler we use in the cheek area is a nice thick gel designed to last around 18 months.

This also depends on your metabolism, lifestyle, genetics and how much filler you opt to have in your cheeks.

Once you have built your cheeks up to the size you want then it can be 18 months or so before a top up is needed.


How soon can I have more?

We recommend waiting 4-6 weeks after your cheek treatment before having more filler placed in them. The filler is still expanding and setting in up until this stage.

Cheek filler treatments are often subtle and require additional treatments to obtain the desired result.


How much does the treatment cost?

As a guide, the cost of our cheek enhancement treatment begins at $880 but is dependent on your individual requirements. For a personalised quote and treatment plan, take advantage of our free consultations.

I want my cheeks filled!
How do I make an appointment?

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Contact us on 0466 051 651 or by email reception@injectableeffects.com.au

We are open business hours Monday to Saturday and some Sundays.

If you can’t find a day or time that suits you when booking online, please contact us as we may be able to fit you in!

You can see before and after pictures of real clients on our Facebook and Instagram pages @InjectableEffects or on our Gallery Page.

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