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Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are answers to some common questions we are asked about our qualifications, location and treatments. You can also check out our treatment pages for more information about specific filler and anti-wrinkle treatments, or our ‘About Us’ page for information about the cosmetic injector and business owner, Bec.

If you have any questions that are not covered here, please get in touch and we will do our best to answer them for you!

Clinic FAQ's

Injectable Effects is located at Shop 6 Coco’s Shopping Centre, 1 Manchester Rd, Carrara.

There is free customer parking available at both the front and back of the building.

Yes, we offer free 30 minute, no-obligation consultations.

Provided you let me know that you are likely to have a treatment I will allocate time. That way we can proceed with treatment immediately after your consultation.

You can pay by etfpos or cash.

Yes we offer payment plans. For the details on how these work visit this page.

You can book online, contact nurse Bec on Ph: 0466 051 651 or email

We are open Monday to Saturday, and some Sundays. Perfect for the out-of-towners!

Opening hours are 9am – 4:30pm with some late night Thursdays.

If you can’t find a time that suits when booking online, please contact Bec here.

This depends on how flexible you are with your availability. If you work full time and require weekend or after hours it’s best to book 1-2 weeks in advance.

Otherwise you can usually get an appointment within a few days.

You can check availability and make an appointment online here.

No sorry we don’t give refunds.

Bec is a Registered Nurse originally from New Zealand. After 12 years working as a nurse in the hospitals she moved into the aesthetic industry where she has been ever since!

With 14 years of injecting experience (mostly on the Gold Coast) you are in safe and competent hands.

Bec keeps her injecting skills up to date by attending conferences, advanced workshops and seminars every year.

In such a high growth and evolving profession it is imperative that injectors stay up to date

Treatment FAQ's

Yes, before commencing any treatments you will have a brief FaceTime consultation with the prescribing doctor.

Anti-wrinkle injections feel a little like ant bites. They sting a little then settle quickly afterwards. Some people don’t feel much at all.

Dermal fillers all contain local anaesthetic making the treatments more comfortable.

Lips are generally the most uncomfortable filler treatment, but numbing cream is applied prior and if this doesn’t work properly then a dental block can be used.

We don’t want you to be in pain any more than you want to be in pain!

At Injectable Effects we offer 30min complimentary consultations.

» Anti-wrinkle treatments take 30-45mins.

» Dermal filler treatments take 45-60mins.

We use high quality, leading brand products. Australian regulation don’t allow us to publicly name the brands so please message for product details.

No you are unable to have any dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle treatments while pregnant or breast feeding. As soon as you stop breast feeding you can have a treatment.

At Injectable Effects you must be 18 years of age to have injectable treatments.

Yes you most certainly can! Your friend is welcome to watch the treatment or stay in the waiting room. If your support person has not had injectables themselves, sometimes it is advisable for them to wait in the waiting room.

Post-Treatment FAQ's

No you can head straight back to the office if you wish! Anti-wrinkle really is a ‘lunch-time treatment’.

Any pink needle marks on the skin will settle within 20mins or so.

Your aftercare will be given to you at the time of your treatment.

It depends on what area you have treated. If it’s your first filler treatment it’s usually advisable to have a low-key day afterwards.

You may have some swelling and bruising and slight discomfort in the treated area which needs to be considered when booking your treatment.

This is a concern that many first-time patients have, so you are not alone! At Injectable Effects we work with you to get you the result you want. We specialise in creating a fresh, youthful and rejuvenated look. We want you to look great – not fake!

Mineral powder can be applied after your treatment as mineral makeup doesn’t harbour bacteria making it safe to use afterwards.

It is safe to fly after your treatment, but if having fillers done it is best to not leave the country for 3-4 weeks. This allows time for the product to settle and if there are any issues (such as infection) there is time for this to be managed.

Yes you can. Any numbing from filler treatments will wear off within 30mins.

No vigorous exercise is allowed the day of the treatment. The next day is fine. Listen to your body however – any discomfort in the treatment area then wait another day.

Your after care information will be given to you at the time of treatment.

You can have facial/micro treatments BEFORE your injectable treatment.

You must wait 10+ days after your treatment before having any type of facial or facial massage.

You will be given more specific instructions at your appointment as it depends on what you are having.