Location of filler injections for jawline defining

Jawline Slimming

Jawline Slimming Injections Gold Coast ~ Anti-Wrinkle for Masseter Muscles to Slim & Reduce Teeth Grinding

Our masseter muscles (chewing muscles) can be slimmed using anti-wrinkle injections.


The reasons we treat the masseter muscles are to:

stop teeth grinding (Bruxism)

slim the lower face

reduce tension in the masseter muscles which can lead to headaches

We aim to weaken the masseter muscles enough so they are less active and slim down, but you are still able to chew your food properly. Meal times may take a little longer as chewing your food is slower once these muscles have been weakened.

Location of filler injections for jawline defining

Who is Jawline Contouring suitable for?

All ages 18+.

Anyone who feels they are too square or bulky in the lower face, or grind their teeth, or suffer from tension in the jaw area.


What product do you use?

To slim the jawline we use anti-wrinkle which is injected directly into the masseter muscles to relax and weaken these muscles.


How long does the procedure take?

Jawline slimming treatments take about 30 mins including the consultation time.


Does the treatment hurt?

Only a mild achy discomfort while the anti-wrinkle is being injected. This is a super quick treatment, with no lasting pain.


Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime following your masseter anti-wrinkle treatment. It is considered a ‘lunch-time’ treatment.

Natural mineral makeup powder can be applied immediately after the treatment.

No vigorous exercise is permitted for 4-6 hours after treatment.

No beauty treatments, facial peels, or microdermabrasion treatments are to be done for 10 days post your anti-wrinkle treatment.

Your after care will be given to you at the time of treatment.


How long does the jawline slimming treatment last?

The anti-wrinkle in your masseters lasts between 3-6 months.

This also depends on your metabolism, lifestyle, genetics and how much anti-wrinkle you opt to have in your masseter muscles.

It takes time for your masseter muscles to shrink and lose volume. It can be 4 weeks before you start noticing a difference, and about 3 months before results become more obvious.


How soon can I have more?

We recommend waiting 2-4 weeks after your jaw treatment and coming back for a review to see if your masseter muscles are weak enough.


How much does Jawline Contouring treatment cost?

The average cost of our jawline contouring treatment is $395.

In some people this may be spread between two treatments a month apart.

Please note, this is a guide only. For an individualised treatment plan and quote, please take advantage of our free consultations.


I want my masseters treated!
How do I make an appointment?

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Contact Nurse Bec on 0466 051 651 or by email reception@injectableeffects.com.au

We are open business hours Monday to Saturday and some Sundays.

If you can’t find a day or time that suits you when booking online, please contact us as we may be able to fit you in!

You can see before and after pictures of real clients on our Facebook and Instagram pages @InjectableEffects or on our Gallery Page.

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