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LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy Gold Coast ~ LED Skin Rejuvenation & Acne Phototherapy

Energising Cells for Healthier Skin

LED Light Therapy Is Ideal For:

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Aging Skin
Skin Wrinkles

LED Light Therapy Gold Coast


What is LED Light Therapy?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and LED Light Therapy (also often called LED Phototherapy) involves low level exposure of the skin to this beneficial light energy.

Exposing the skin to light may sound counterintuitive as we often associate light exposure with skin damage and accelerated skin aging. But, consider all the benefits light exposure can have on the body! It provides energy and boosts serotonin production; it is essential in helping us to produce Vitamin D and can also speed up our skin’s own natural repair processes.

Controlling the amount and the types of light the skin is exposed to is the key to harnessing the positive effects of light exposure and using it therapeutically.

LED light therapy utilises Red, Blue and Near-Infrared light which are part of the light spectrum which helps to stimulate cellular processes such as repair and energise skin cells helping them to function more efficiently. The result? Reduced inflammation and younger, healthier more radiant skin!

Best of all, LED light therapy is painless, relaxing and completely non-invasive!


How Does LED Phototherapy Work?

Every day our cells absorb light which is used to fuel a range of biological processes, helping our bodies to function at their optimal level. LED Phototherapy leverages this natural process to our advantage.

The treatment area is exposed to controlled levels of Red, Blue and Near-Infrared light. Each wavelength of light is absorbed by a different target to stimulate specific skin enhancing processes.

Blue Light: Perfect for acne treatment as this light targets the bacteria responsible for the acne and destroys it. Even after just one treatment improvement can be evident.

Red Light: Stimulates collagen and elastin which assists in maintaining a more youthful appearance and skin texture. Great for aging skin.

Near-Infrared Light: Penetrates the deepest layer of the skin increasing blood circulation bringing oxygen and nutrients to the area to reduce inflammation, redness and pigmentation.

Here’s a great little video explaining more about how LED light therapy works:

Get Your Glow On!

With Our Great Value Treatment Packages

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10 LED Treatments – $990 $450

10 LED Treatments + 3 Enzyme Facials – $1179 $550

How Is the LED Light Delivered to the Skin?

The skin is exposed to LED light with the help of a Dermalux® treatment system.

At Injectable Effects we are committed to using only the best of the best and the Dermalux® is an award-winning system and the only one on the market that can deliver all 3 light wavelengths (Red, Blue and Near-Infrared) simultaneously.

This means you are receiving maximum treatment potential and results in each and every session.


Who Will Benefit from LED Light Therapy?

Because LED light therapy energises cells helping them to function better, it is perfect for anyone wanting to rejuvenate and enliven their skin. Healing and stimulating cells beneath the skin surface means it’s suitable for all ages and skin types.

Whether you are a teenager with acne, a mum with dull, tired skin, or a mature aged person wanting healthier, hydrated and more youthful skin, Dermalux® LED is an ideal skin treatment.

We can personalise your treatment to your specific skin needs by selecting one, two or all three lights during each session.

Light therapy is a great treatment for the following skin issues:

Large Pores
Aging Skin

Before & After

Results of 5 x LED Light Therapy Treatments

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

For best results 8-12 treatments is recommended with the first 4-5 occurring in close succession, for example, over 2 weeks and then weekly/fortnightly thereafter.

Following a single Dermalux® LED treatment, you can expect to see some immediate benefits. These include calming of any redness or irritation, improved skin tone, increased hydration and an overall radiance of the treatment area which will continue into the following days.

The most noticeable changes will of course occur naturally over successive treatments as your skin begins to function at its optimal levels.

The number of sessions you will be recommended to have for optimal results will be personalised to you. Lifestyle factors such as stress, smoking, sun exposure, diet and skin care routines all affect the health of our skin and will be taken into consideration.


How Long Do the Results of LED Therapy Last?

The results of LED Phototherapy are cumulative which means you will see the best and longest lasting results, if you follow the treatment duration recommended.

You may notice the beneficial effect of your LED therapy for several months after treatment commences and regular maintenance treatments will offer lasting improvement in the appearance and health of the skin.


What Parts of the Body Can LED Light Therapy Be Used On?

LED light therapy is most commonly used as a facial treatment, but the fun doesn’t need to stop there!

An aging décolletage, skin affected by dermatitis and the back of your hands are all areas which may benefit from LED light therapy.

Talk to us about your problematic skin area and we will come up with a treatment recommendation to help!


How Can You Prepare for Your LED Treatment?

One of the great things about LED therapy is that it requires very little input from you. Simply cleanse and exfoliate your face (or treatment area) the night or morning before the treatment.

You can wear makeup prior to your appointment however we will remove it for your treatment.

As with any skin therapy, making sure you stay hydrated, consuming a healthy diet and avoiding smoking, excessive alcohol or sun exposure will contribute to the overall health of your skin.


Is There Any Downtime After LED Light Therapy?

No! Your skin may look a little flushed and feel slightly warm but there is absolutely no downtime and you will be able to reapply makeup immediately if you choose to.


Does LED Phototherapy Hurt?

No! There is no pain or discomfort felt during a LED light therapy session.


Is the Light Used Safe?

The controlled levels of Red, Blue and Near-Infrared light emitted by the Dermalux® system are clinically proven to be beneficial for skin regeneration and anti-inflammatory properties.


Who is LED Therapy Not Suitable For?

Certain skin treatments and medications (for example, Roaccutane for acne) may make your skin more sensitive to light and it may be advised to avoid LED light therapy if you are using any such treatment.

Please let us know about any medications or skin treatments you are using during your first appointment.


How Much Does LED Treatment Cost?

The recommended retail per treatment is $99, however we have packaged them up so you get the best results AND save money.

Package 1: 10 LED treatments for $450

Package 2: 10 LED treatments + 3 enzyme facials for $550 (this is the best option as it treats both the outside and the inside of the skin).

For severe acne 12+ treatments may be necessary.

Our packages are best used within 6-10 weeks initially, then to maintain results additional packages can be purchased and used over a 12month period (e.g. approx. one LED a month, or 2-3 every 4 months).


Is LED Light Therapy Right for You?

If you are still unsure if LED light therapy is the right treatment for you, why not book a complimentary consultation. We will complete a comprehensive skin analysis and recommend a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Client Testimonial

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I Need LED! How Do I Make An Appointment?

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This is the easiest part! We are open 6 days a week and all of our staff are highly skilled in the treatment.

Contact us on 0466 051 651 or by email reception@injectableeffects.com.au for your complimentary consultation, comprehensive skin analysis and tailored treatment plan.

If you can’t find a day or time that suits you when booking online, please message us as we may be able to fit you in!

You can see before and after pictures of real clients on our Facebook and Instagram pages @InjectableEffects or on our Gallery Page.