Dermal Filler Injections for Lip Enhancement

Lips! We all love a lovely soft plump nicely shaped lip! As we age our lips lose volume and shrink. We start to get fine lines around our mouth and can struggle to find the lip border (vermillion border VB).

The reasons we treat lips:

  • replace the lost lip volume which happens through thenatural aging process.
  • create or enhance lip volume and shape.
  • to roll the top lip out and create more of a pout.
  • to even lips up if one is naturally bigger than the other.
  • it can help reduce the amount of gum showing for people with a gummy smile.
  • some people just love big lips!!!

It’s important to note here that it’s impossible to get fake lips from one treatment! We have all seen the big over-filled lips out there and it’s reassuring to know that getting to this over-filled stage takes many treatments over many months/years.

So rest assured for the majority who just want a natural lip plump and freshen it’s easy to do.

All ages 18+.

For the girls (and boys) in their 20s and 30s it’s about enhancing, defining, or correcting natural lip asymmetry.

For the 40+ ladies it’s generally about replacing lost volume, and redefining the VB. 1ml of dermal filler in the lips freshens thinning lips beautifully without looking obvious.

The dermal fillers used in lips at Injectable Effects are all from the top leading brands and are found in most cosmetic injection clinics through-out the country and overseas.

In Australia we are not allowed to name the brands publicly, but please message or call if you would like to know the brands we use.

The fillers are natural based fillers that break down in the body over time. They are biodegradable.

The filler is a gel which attracts and binds water. So keep hydrated so your lips will stay plump!

Fillers are not permanent – which is a good thing.

Lip treatments usually take 30-45 minutes. The length of time it takes depends on your comfort level, and whether or not you bleed during the treatment (this is normal).

If you do bleed a bit then pressure is applied until the bleeding stops to minimise bruising. The lips are very vascular making bruising common with lip treatments.

To minimise bruising it is best to try and avoid blood thinning meds such as; aspirin, fish oils, anti-inflammatories, neurofen and red wine, for 7-10 days prior to your treatment.

The million dollar question!

The level of pain experienced does vary from person to person, but fortunately most people score it a 2 to 4 out of 10 (10 being the worst pain ever).

Some people feel nothing, others a few little stings, and a few find it a bit sorer.

I apply numbing cream on everyone, use very tiny needles for a lot of the treatment, and take my time!!

All our fillers contain local anaesthetic making treatments more comfortable by numbing the lips as we go.

For that 1% of people who still find it sore after all that, then I am happy to use a dental block – local anaesthetic injected into the gums to totally numb the lips.

Following your lip filler treatment you may or may not have some bruising. Most likely you will, so make sure you don’t have any special social engagements on for 4-7 days afterwards.

You will also experience some swelling which is noticeable straight away. The majority of this swelling will have subsided in the first 24-48 hours. Applying a cold compress after the treatment helps reduce swelling.

If you are the minority who swell a lot following a lip treatment, an anti-histamine can be taken before or after the treatment to keep the swelling down.

If it is your first treatment it is best to come after work or on your days off as usually clients are nervous and don’t really know what to expect!

It is recommended you avoid cosmetics on your lips, such as lipstick, for 6-8 hours following your treatment to minimise the risk of infection.

You can apply bepanthum cream or other type of lip moisturiser.

No vigorous exercise is permitted for 24 hours after treatment.

Keep your lips out of the sun for 2 weeks.

Your after care will be given to you at the time of treatment.

The dermal fillers we use in the lips last 4-12 months depending on the type and thickness used.

In my experience as an injector I have found that it can take 2-4 treatments (2-4mls) in the first year, to build the filler up and get it to last a long time.

Once you have achieved your desired look and built them up to stay, then lip filler treatments only need to be done every 12-18+ months.

For first time lip filler clients I would recommend something like this:

  • 1ml lip filler
  • 1-2 months later another ml
  • 4 months later another ml

This isn’t necessary for everyone – just those with naturally thin lips who want bigger fuller lips that last. Or those who feel their lips have gone down too much and too quickly.

The fillers all behave in the same way – it is each of us that has variables. Some people find some brands/types of filler suit their body better than others.

The length of time your lip filler lasts also depends on your metabolism, lifestyle, genetics, and stress levels.

We recommend waiting 4 weeks at least between lip treatments. The filler is still softening and settling in up until this stage.

The cost of our lip filler service is dependent on the outcome each individual desires. For a personalised treatment plan and quote, please take advantage of our free consultations.

People who can’t have their lips treated are those who:

  • Have an active cold sore – see notes below if you get cold sores
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have any cuts or bruises on their lips
  • Have had permanent filler in their lips in the last 10 years
  • Have had any extensive dental work done in the last 4 weeks
  • Sun burnt lips
  • Recent lip tattooing

If you are not sure, please call or message and ask.

* Cold Sores – You can’t be treated while you have an active cold sore, and it is recommended that your lips have healed up completely before having a lip filler treatment.

If you get cold sores regularly then it is recommended you take an over-the-counter anti-viral tablet before your lip treatment (on the day) to prevent an outbreak. Some of the anti-viral tables available are; Zovirax, Famvir and Valtrex.

Cold sores are triggered by stress and trauma – and lip injections are considered a form of trauma.

If you have had cold sores in the past, but hardly ever, then it is up to you whether you chose to take preventative anti-viral medication. If you feel any tingling post your lip treatment apply Zovirax cream immediately.

A cold sore outbreak will not affect the filler, it just makes it uncomfortable for you.

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