Location of filler injections for tear trough treatment

Tear Trough Filler

Tear Trough Filler Injections Gold Coast ~ Soften Hollows & Reduce Darkness Under the Eyes


Our tear troughs run from the inner eye to the cheek and in many people begin to hollow even at a fairly young age.


The reasons we treat tear troughs:

to replace the lost volume (as our fat pads separate) which happens through the natural aging process

to soften and lift out naturally hollow tear troughs

to improve the darkness in the tear trough area. Filler adds a layer of gel between the dark blood vessels and the skin helping to reduce the appearance of darkness. Softening the hollowness also reduces shadowing in the area.

to help improve the ‘tired’ look.

Location of filler injections for tear trough treatment


Who is under eye wrinkle filler suitable for?

All ages.

Thanks to good old genetics some people have naturally hollow tear troughs that would benefit from treatment even in their 20s, other get hollower as the years go by.


What product do you use?

At Injectable Effects we use long lasting dermal fillers in the tear troughs. We are careful to select one that suits your skin type and that does not hold too much water as the eye area tends to attract fluid anyway (puffiness).

These are natural based fillers that break down naturally in the body over time.

The filler is a gel which attracts and binds water. Fillers are not permanent – which is a good thing. They are biodegradable.

It is easy to over-fill the tear troughs and it’s important that your injector is experienced in this area to avoid any complications.


How long does the procedure take?

Tear Trough filler treatments usually take between 30-45 mins.


Do tear trough injections hurt?

Surprisingly most people find this procedure quite comfortable. There may be slight discomfort when the local anaesthetic is injected, but other than that most clients say it just feels a little ‘weird’ the first time.

All our fillers contain local anaesthetic meaning you numb where the filler is placed. This wears off about 30mins later.


What to expect after tear trough filler? Is there any downtime?

The short answer is no, but…

Following your tear trough treatment you may or may not have slight bruising. You will also experience some mild swelling that really only you will notice and lasts about 48-72 hours.

Natural mineral makeup powder can be applied on the day of treatment.

If it is your first treatment it is best to come after work or on your days off as usually clients are nervous and don’t really know what to expect!

No vigorous exercise is permitted for 24-48 hours after treatment.

No beauty treatments on the face, skin peels, or microdermabrasion treatments are to be done for 2-4 weeks post cheek filler.

Your after care will be given to you at the time of treatment.


How long does it last?

The dermal filler we use in the tear troughs is a nice thick gel designed to last around 18 months. People often find this area to last even up to 2 years making it great value for money!

This also depends on your metabolism, lifestyle, and genetics.

Less is best when it comes to tear trough treatments and a second treatment may be necessary to obtain optimal results.


How soon can I have more?

We recommend waiting at least 6 weeks after your tear trough treatment before having more filler placed in them. The filler is still expanding and setting in up until this stage.


How much does tear trough treatment cost?

The cost of our tear trough treatment depends on the depth of your tear troughs and desired outcome however, usually the treatment starts at $450.

For a quote on our treat trough filler service and a personalised treatment plan, please take advantage of our free consultations.

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