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Advanced Skin Treatments

Advanced Skin Treatments Gold Coast ~ Hydrate, Replenish & Nourish

Advanced Skin Treatments
Available from Injectable Effects

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Closeup of woman with beautiful skin

There’s a lot of options and treatments when it comes to skin care, but we here at Injectable Effects acknowledge that it can be a very private and sensitive service.

As each person is unique, so are their desires for how they look on the outside, no matter their age.

We offer a range of advanced skin treatments that can boost your confidence, and with it a radiant and youthful glow that only comes from replenishing and nourishing the inside.

Beauty may be said to only be skin deep, but when you get an advanced skin treatment from us, you’ll feel beautiful both inside and out.

We have the experience, expertise, and passion to perform all the procedures we offer to achieve your desired results.

Aquagold Microneedling Treatment

Aquagold Microneedling Treatments

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This super skin booster treatment delivers anti-aging ingredients directly to the dermal layer of your skin with the help of an Aquagold Finetouch microneedling device.

This amazing device consists of 20 very fine hollow needles, each of which is 24K pure gold-plated. These microneedles enable a powerful mixture of vitamins, hydrating ingredients, platelet rich plasma and anti-wrinkle to be delivered right to where it is needed! Best of all, we can completely customise the blend of skin beneficial ingredients depending on your personal goals and skin requirements.

Prepare to see results after a single pain-free treatment!

Aquagold is our latest obsession! Will it be yours too?

PRP Therapy

PRP Treatments/Vampire Facials

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PRP is also known as the Vampire Facial – which might spark your curiosity just enough to schedule an appointment right now! Despite the nickname, this treatment is not restricted to just the face, many other areas of skin can benefit too.

We use your blood to isolate the components and nutrients responsible for stimulating collagen production, facilitating tissue repair, and nourishing skin cells.

It’s one of the best facial treatments available.  Why?  Because we use your body’s natural substance to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out.

It’s a natural method and it offers multiple skin benefits.  PRP facials offer the key to regaining your youth.

PLEASE NOTE: The TGA prohibits the advertisement of services related to autologous human cell and tissue products. As such, statements made in relation to such services is to provide the consumer information about the services offered by Injectable Effects only. It is not intended to promote the use or supply of such goods or services. Contact our clinic to arrange a consultation with one of our qualified nurses, during which all your treatment options will be explained, and recommendations will be provided to you based on your individual preferences and desired outcomes.

Skin Boosters

Skin Needling

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Give your skin a boost of confidence, and while you’re at it, hydrate, smooth away fine lines, and fade away acne scars.  That’s a tall order if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Our skin needling treatments utilize a hydrating sugar gel to replenish cells and absorb water.  Beyond its chemical functions and benefits, you’ll see hydrated, rejuvenated skin that glows and radiates as it was made to do.

Give your face, neck, décolletage, and hands a boost in nutrients and appearance.

Why Choose Us?

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Our skin procedures are applied with the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and professional knowledge and equipment.

We take pride in helping you achieve the look you really want the first time.

At Injectable Effects, we go above and beyond just facials.  We offer advanced skin treatments that really make a difference.

Beauty on the inside, and out, is what we’re about.

How do I make an appointment?

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Contact Nurse Bec on 0466 051 651 or by email

We are open business hours Monday to Saturday and some Sundays.

If you can’t find a day or time that suits you when booking online, please message Bec as she may be able to fit you in!

You can see before and after pictures of real clients on our Facebook and Instagram pages @InjectableEffects or on our Gallery Page.